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Consumer Law

The consumer under this law is not required to deposit huge court fees, which earlier used to deter consumers from approaching the Courts. The rigors of court procedures have been dispensed with and replaced with simple procedures as compared to the normal courts, which helps in quicker redressal of grievances. The provisions of the Act are compensatory in nature.


Corporate Law

Our Corporate Law firm is a team of expert lawyers who offer effective services to our clients by combining broad knowledge of corporate law matters with experience in key sub disciplines. With the ability to identify potential issues and develop real-time, practical solutions to a wide variety of client concerns, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. We offer specific support to our clients in critical solutions.


Income Tax
We provide domestic and international tax consultancy services that are meant for minimization of taxes. Our service complies with the corporate tax services and international tax services, in order to assist our clients in dealing with tax-related matters and regulatory authorities.
Our tax consulting and assistance services include:
• Corporate Income Tax and Withholding Taxes
• International Tax
• Transfer Pricing 


GST Services

We offer effective GST services that target corporate bodies, partnerships and individuals working in a company to help them minimize tax liabilities by providing them with GST planning, GST consulting and tax solutions.Our valuable experience and highly skilled professionals guarantee that the tax system complies with GST legislation and corresponds with right procedures. Our GST experts work closely with our clients to resolve issues with regards to their specific business needs.


Intellectual Property Law

Our services also include the enforcement team, which boasts of a considerable experience in all kinds of intellectual property enforcement in a broads spectrum consisting of diversified products and services. Vast experience coupled with understanding of counterfeiting in various industries be it FMCG, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, software, hardware etc. is perhaps what makes the firm’s enforcement services unique. Members of the enforcement team in addition to of having an in-depth knowledge of the functioning of enforcement agencies such as CBI, Police Forces of States, have built a good rapport with such agencies.


Copyright Services

From a service quality standpoint, we ensure protection of intellectual property and minimize the likelihood of litigation. From a cost perspective, we minimize not only the rupees costs incurred by the advocates to whom they deliver their services, but also the time incurred by the advocates and their clients. In doing so, we support the clients in growing their copyright prosecution practices and maximizing the profits realized from their Intellectual Property.


Trademark Services

Process of filing a Trade Mark Application in India and Grant of Trademark Registration Certificate involves the following steps below:
Filing of Application:

Objections raised:

Post advertisement:

In case of no objection is raised by public:

In case objections are raised by public:



Cyber Crime Lawyer

The word cyber and its relative are probably the most commonly used terminologies of the modern era. In the information age the rapid development of computers, telecommunications and other technologies has led to the evolution of new forms of trans-national crimes known as cyber crimes.


Property Law

Firm’s goal is to efficiently, effectively and ethically advise and facilitate the aspirations of our clients in India. Law firm provide legal services for a whole range of property transactions. Law firm’s services in title investigation, purchase, Sale, Lease & Renting and development of real estate have been used by a large number of development of real estate companies, individuals and developers of commercial and residential projects. it is based at Delhi and has presence in all major city of Indi


Sincere advice by the advocates of the firm and the solution is very efficient, speedy and cost effective.
Blu Dexter Media
I get service for my trademark and very happy with the services and advice given by the lawyer assigned to help me by the firm.
Tanuj Sachdeva
Digital Media Professional